Success Stories

The Bernstein Center for Visual Performance provides comprehensive vision evaluations and vision therapy services to children and adults, and treats a wide range of vision problems. Here are their stories, in their words:

"It Was Really A Problem WIth His Eyes" - ADD / ADHD Misdiagnosis

Doing homework for more than 30 minutes was very frustrating - Michael complained of difficulty paying attention - ADD medications were prescribed - with no improvement. A comprehensive vision exam revealed a treatable vision problem - Eye Focusing issues and Eye Movement problems caused blurring and double vision at close and far distances... Read more

Kelly - Age 11 - "They Are Wrong - I Can't See Right" - Eye Coordination Problem

Kelly complained of poor / blurred vision and headaches - had low scores in reading and writing - "disastrous handwriting", and problems telling "left" from "right". Ritalin didn't work. Now Kelly receives straight "A's" and reads for fun. Kelly knew the pediatrician and neurologist were wrong - and vision therapy proved her right. Way to go, Kelly!.. Read more

3rd Grader - "At Least 3 Tantrums A Week" - Eye Teaming Problem

Louise's daughter was having a difficult year after entering the 3rd grade. Homework seemed to take forever. Frustrated with school assignments, and her inability to handle them quickly, led to frequent emotional outbursts. Thanks to vision therapy, these are now gone, and their daughter is a "different person"... Read more

Michael - 4th Grade - "Eye Exams Were Fine - Hated To Read" - Eye Focusing Problem

Althought Michael's routine eye exams were fine, he looked at reading as a "chore" and by 4th grade - it started to impact his school performance. A comprehensive vision exam found that Michael was both far-sighted AND had an eye focusing problem... Read more

Adult - Strabismus (Wandering Eye) & Amblyopia (Lazy Eye) - Vision Therapy

"Z.R." tried wearing a patch for a year at age 6, but it didn't help. As an adult, Z.R. discovered Vision Therapy, and has made wonderful progress - no longer self conscious, dramatically improved hand/eye coordination. "I am no longer the uncoordinated klutz I always thought I was"... Read more

Age Six - Amblyopia (Lazy Eye) - Home Eye Exercises Failed...

Melissa's son, age 6, was diagnosed with Amblyopia and tried home eye exercises with little success. After enrolling in the Bernstein Center's Vision Therapy Program, Melissa is delighted with the results - even better - her son enjoys coming to Vision Therapy! Read more

Amanda - "Does Vision Therapy Work For Reading?"

A thank you direct from one of our patients with comments on vision therapy, reading, and reading comprehension. This pre-teen was treated for an eye movement and eye focusing problem, and treated with Vision Therapy. Amanda, we are delighted with your progress! Read more

Nicole - Headaches Often The First Symptom - Eye Focusing Problem

Second grader Nicole was not reading at gradel level and experienced fairly regular headaches. She read slowly, and never read voluntarily. Her eyes were "over focusing", causing extreme fatigue (and the headaches). See how Nicole is doing now, after vision therapy Read more

Emilie - "It Was War In Our Household" - Reading, Eye Teaming Problem

Emilie's Mom and Teacher comment on the progress Emilie has made after vision therapy. "Her grades are up, up,up..." (Mom) - "Emilie is doing really well in class... reading and writing have definitely improved" (Emilie's Teacher). See how Emilie and her family turned her reading around... Read more

Tobah - High School Junior - Reports Back On Vision Therapy

Tobah used to bump into things when younger, but read quickly and finished her homework promptly. Diagnosed with an eye focusing problem - didn't feel it was serious enough for therapy. Five years later, problems with reading retention and headaches are more serious. Read more

Kindergardener - Accommodative Dysfunction - Reading, Handwriting, Improve

Although Rae's daughter was just in Kindergarden, they came to the Bernstein Center because of some language/learning/vision issues. Vision problems (eye focusing) were detected. After several months of vision therapy, early reading and writing improved in "leaps and bounds". There was a side effect, however... Now Rae's daughter can catch a ball as well! Read more

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