Perceptual Problems

Perceptual Problems (Visual Information Processing Deficits)

Perceptual problems and vision developmental delays are lags and blips in the Vision Information Processing System (VIPS). Once the eyes themselves capture an image (VIGS) it is then interpreted by the processing system.

When there are tiny micro delays in how this information is processed - perceptual problems may be encountered. Common examples are problems with:​​​​​

People see through two specific mechanisms, fixation and saccades.

Fixation occurs when a single eye, or both eyes, are focused on an object at any given distance.

Saccades are rapid movement of the eyes as they shift from object to object, laterally (as in moving from one word to another), or changing the line of sight from near to far, far to near, etc.

For people with normal vision, this process is seamless and little thought is given to it. It is essentially stress free, operates at the subconscious level, and is the foundation for clear vision with or without corrected lenses.

Perceptual delays are lags and blips in either the fixation process or the saccadic process. Fixation and saccadic misfires may produce identical symptoms as Dyslexia and/or ADD / ADHD - so please have a Comprehensive Visual Evaluation to rule out vision problems when dealing with learning/behavioral issues with children.

Fixation and Saccadic movment are learned by children during their vision development years - ages 6 months through Age 10 - and when not "on pace" with other skills may cause behavioral problems typically associated with ADD / ADHD.

Treatment of Perceptual Delays

Glasses and Corrective Lenses (prism lenses) may be one approach. Vision Therapy may be another, and often combined with corrective lenses.

Many patients with perceptual delays also have other types of vision problems undetectable by a 20/20 school eye exam (eye teaming, eye focusing, or eye movement problems).

A one-hour Comprehensive Vision Evaluation diagnoses the conditions. For some types of perceptual problems and developmental delays - additional testing may be required.

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