Studies show that a majority of concussion patients experience persistent visual symptoms (lasting longer than 3-4 weeks). Concussion evaluations done by a primary care provider involve some basic tests of vision, however these tests often miss subtle vision issues, which, left untreated, tend to prolong the recovery process. This can be especially disruptive and frustrating to students and adults trying to get back to normal life.


Signs and symptoms of post-concussion visual issues

  • Blurred vision

  • Eye pain/strain

  • Headaches

  • Light sensitivity (photophobia)

  • Double vision (diplopia)

  • Focusing issues

  • Tracking issues

  • Dizziness, nausea, motion sensitivity

  • Intolerance of busy visual environments

  • Inability to concentrate, especially on near vision tasks

These functional vision problems can be extremely disruptive setbacks to daily function. Simple tasks like driving, grocery shopping, reading and even social gatherings become overwhelming. Fortunately, concussion related visual problems can be treated with vision therapy.

Diagnosis and Treatment

A developmental optometrist will assess all aspects of visual function including:

  • Eye teaming

  • Tracking ability

  • Focusing ability

  • Visual perception and processing

  • Spatial awareness/depth perception

Following the evaluation, the doctor will recommend a treatment plan. This may include an individualized vision therapy program and/or glasses.

Research shows vision therapy is a very effective treatment for common post-concussive vision issues. A comprehensive visual evaluation performed by a developmental optometrist is recommended for all post-concussion patients as part of their rehabilitation program.

At Risk

  • Athletes of all ages, but especially adolescents

  • Motor and vehicle accident victims

  • Slip and fall accident victims

  • Anyone who has suffered a head injury


  • Blurred Vision

  • Double Vision

  • Eye Focusing Problems

  • Tracking Problems

  • Comprehension Problems

  • Headaches/Eye Strain

  • Light Sensitivity

  • Dizziness/nausea/motion sickness

  • Intolerance of busy visual environments

Post - Concussion Patients

  • Typically respond very well to Vision Therapy
  • Vision Therapy enhances other rehabilitative treatments by building on a sound vision system.
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