Does Vision Therapy Work For Reading

Amanda - "Does Vision Therapy Work For Reading?"

Amanda - Vision Therapy, Oculomotor Dysfunction & Accomodation Dysfunction

"After coming to vision therapy, I have noticed a huge progress in a lot of things, but especially reading and reading comprehension.

I am able to read at the same speed or maybe faster than my school peers now that I have those skills


I have noticed that I am much more confident in reading.

I would really like to thank Dr. Paul, Dr. Ira, Dr. Nelson, Christina, and Milcah. Without you, I would not have been able to improve.

I always looked forward to coming to Vision Therapy because of you guys, and even when I had a bad day, I would always have a good time. I would recommend Vision Therapy to anyone who is struggling with reading or anything else related to that.

Thank you again, and I will really miss you guys.


​​​​​​​Amanda was diagnosed with both eye focusing (accomodation) AND eye movement (oculomotor) problems. Both improved dramatically with her vision therapy classes. It is not unusual for a person to have a combination of vision problems.

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