Treatment For Reading Eye Teaming Problem

Emilie's Mom and Teacher comment on how Vision Therapy helped Emilie with Eye Teaming and Movement Problems...

"Not only did I se a difference in my daughter's reading skills, but her teacher was also impressed (email below)

We struggled with reading - it was "war" in our household - Now, the war is over!

What I especially liked about this program is that the experts did not immediately prescribe my daughter w/glasses. They worked with her to thoroughly identify her reading / eye issues as they pertain to her learning. Then, weeks into the program, she was given a pair of glasses that really help her.

Her grades are up, up, up. Mommy and Daddy are very, very pleased.


Email from Emilie's Teacher to her Mom:

"You have an amazing girl. What a joy it is to have her in the class. That smile will break hearts one day.

Emilie is doing really well in class. She works hard and is very motivated. Her reading and writing have definitely improved. After the NY State ELA exam I ooked over her work. She did beautifully. There were very few errors. I expect her grade to quite high. I am so proud of her.

You did a great thing for her with the eye training. Her positive attitude also played an important part in her progress."

​​​​​​​Emilie responded very well to vision therapy - once the real problems were identified! Emilie had both eye movement problems (oculomotor dysfunction) AND an eye teaming problem (convergence insufficiency).

As Emilie's Mom points out - glasses were not a single solution - Emilie had to train her eyes to work as a team BEFORE the correct prescription could be given to her.

A combination of existing eye conditions are often mis-diagnosed with standard eye tests, and symptoms may be confused with ADD, ADHD, even Dyslexia.

A comprehensive visual exam should always be considered when children are experiencing problems with reading, writing, and coordination.
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