Treatment To Eye Focusing Problem

"Our son Michael has never enjoyed reading and always looked at reading as a chore.

As he entered 4th Grade this became a bigger problem and really started to impact his school work.

Although his grades were very good, he hated school, and seemed to have more and more difficulty doing his work. He would get everything done last , it was a long drawn out situation every evening, and Michael was becoming extremely frustrated.

My cousin is a reading teacher, and questioned me on having Michael's eyes tested.

We had had several eye exams over the years, and nothing had really showed up.

She (my cousin) told me about the Bernstein Center for Visual Performance and explained that it was different from a regular eye exam.

We figured why not try it!

Once Michael was evaluated we found out not only was Michael far sighted but he had major focusing issues. Basically he was not able to focus correctly with both eyes together - how he had gotten along in school to this point with this problem we still don't understand.

Michael started his eye therapy and started to see a difference from the very first day. Michael must of seen it also because he loved coming to vision therapy, not once complained, and had to miss other activities - but it didn't bother him.

Michael improved dramatically in the "speed" aspect of getting his work done, he understood everything he read, and really never fought us any more about doing his homework!

His teacher told us she has seen great improvement not only in his work also in his self esteem and self confidence. Michael no longer feels like the "Kid that is so slow", or "can't get it". What a difference!

"Thank You" is definitely not enough - but THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!!

Glasses or corrective lenses may provide a vision solution for some children - but not all. In Michael's case his far-sightedness was actually an eye focusing problem - as he would move from reading (close work) to, for example, the blackboard at school - his eyes would take longer to focus than normal. When he tried to re-focus on his reading - the same problem would occur.

As long as Michael kept his focus on any object (close or near) his eyes performed correctly (and why his 20/20 eye tests were OK). It was when he tried to change focus from near to far and vice versa that the eye focusing problems became an issue.

Eye focusing problems are known as "accomodative dysfunction" or, and respond well to vision therapy.

A comprehensive vision exam is the best way to identify eye focusing problems.

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