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Founded in 2000 by Drs. Ira and Paul Bernstein, the Center is one of approximately 250 clinics in the U.S. specializing in binocular vision problems and providing a full range of treatment for each patient. We are board certified doctors of optometry.

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Dr. Paul Bernstein

Dr. Paul is a Fellow of the College of Optometrists in Vision Development. He specializes in behavioral and developmental optometry and Optometric Vision Therapy. He founded the Bernstein Center for Visual Performance in 2000 to emphasize the importance that Comprehensive Visual Exams and Vision Therapy have to develop effective reading, writing, and learning experiences. His passion is helping people perform to their fullest innate potential in school, sports, business, and life in general through improved visual function.

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American Optometric Association - Clinical Practice Guidelines

Bernstein Center for Visual Performance shares about clinical practice guidelines. Call 9146828886 for details.

How do you know if your child needs vision therapy?

To contact our experienced visual performance team, call the Bernstein Center for Visual Performance in White Plains, New York at 914-682-8886.

JULY - 2009 - Suny Externships

The Bernstein Center for Visual Performance was named one of only 3 locations for optometric externships by SUNY. Contact 9146828886 for details.

Larry Fitzgerald speaks out on Vision Therapy

Super bowl star Larry Fitzgerald stops to give parents advice on Vision Therapy. Call 9146828886 for details.

Susan Barry's book on vision

A visual impairment that condemns children to see in only two dimensions can go unrecognized for years. Call 9146828886 for details.

The Benefits of Wearing a D.E.R.M. Dry Eye Relief Mask

For more details on D.E.R.M. Mask & Dry Eye Treatment call our office located in White Plains, NY at 914-359-3300 to schedule an appointment

The Mislabeled Child

Read about The Mislabeled Child with Bernstein Center for Visual Performance serving White Plains, NY. Call 9146828886 for details.

Traumatic Brain Injury and Stroke

TBI and stroke are among the leading causes of acute and chronic disability in this country. Call 9146828886 for details.

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