Sports Enhancement

Sports Enhancement & Vision Therapy

Individual and team sports are important social building blocks in addition to providing wonderful recreation opportunities.

Sports Enhancement

Whether it's basketball, baseball, soccer, golf, or your sport of choice, excellent vision makes a dramatic difference in performance.

Since one in five children have some type of visual impairment, it's not only the classroom that tests their visual prowess. All sports do as well, and for many young athletes - the first time parents may become aware of a possible vision problem is when their daughter/son can't catch a ball, etc.

For elite athletes of all ages - the ones who want to take performance to the top level of their ability - vision is often overlooked in training. You can only lift so many weights, plus train and practice frequently.

How can Vision Therapy help an athlete?

Let's take a quick look at the conditions typically treated with Vision Therapy and apply them to sports:

  • Eye Movement/Tracking - Improved eye tracking skills help you shift between the ball, other players, and the field, effortlessly - plus adjust to quick moves from other athletes.

  • Eye Focusing - The better and faster you "see" the ball - the faster your reaction time - with or without corrective lenses.

  • Eye Teaming - the ability of both eyes to function together translates to better depth of field, depth perception, better distance judging, and timing.

  • Visual Perception - better ability to gauge speed and distance - improved hand-eye coordination - faster response to visual stimuli.

How to get started

A Comprehensive Vision Evaluation will determine strengths and weaknesses of your current visual skills - and provide us with a blueprint for improving your sports visual performance.

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